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  • Written by CIA
  • May 22, 2012 at 4:02 PM
    • LITO Green Motion

      LITO Green Motion 

      With the support of our trusted partners, our expert team of engineers and industrial designers has developed a new generation of electric motorcycle with unique design and uncompromised performance. With the SORA, we have realized our dream of becoming the first company in Canada to market an electric motorbike that is not only environmentally friendly, but that offers unparalleled handling, power and speed. Our mission going forward is to continue to innovate and set an example as pioneers in the industry.

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    • Azzimov


      Azzimov, Headquartered in Montreal and with offices in Beijing, develops and markets innovative search and automated data organization solutions that enhance customer experiences for web and mobile commerce while enabling global marketplaces. Azzimov is a new and unparalleled search and guidance engine that brings interactive intelligence to the search, delivering an optimal customer experience to both the web, mobile and tablets from a centralized platform. Azzimov’s intelligence guides, recommends and learns, enabling a real time and contextual personalization and optimization to the custom

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    • Xpandion


      A well-established company with a proven track record of success, Xpandion offers automated behavioral-based analysis and control solutions for optimizing enterprise management systems. For more information, please visit:

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    • ROD


      ROD has developed an innovative radar technology for low altitude obstacles such as wires suited for Helicopters, General aviation and UAVs. ROD solution solves a long standing problem in the aviation world with radar that is both effective in all weather conditions, reliable, cost effective and light weight making it the perfect solution for many market segments.

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    • eSight


      eSight is the perfect investment whereby angels can truly “do well by doing good”: restoring sight. ALIVIOS™ Eyewear enables low-vision patients to see again, to enjoy life by restoring more day-to-day functionality. ALIVIOS™ Eyewear is not a medical device per se; rather, ALIVIOS™ Eyewear is a personalized consumer device conferring quality of life benefits. It is ready for commercial launch in 2012; there are no technology, regulatory, clinical or reimbursement barriers. This is a pure execution play. ALIVIOS™ Eyewear is unique in that it uses ophthalmic quality video and proprietary algori

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    • Fortem


      Fortem formerly known as Feeling Software develops advanced security technologies for improved public safety and private security. Fortem`s  Omnipresence 3D Central Command is an advanced Command & Control software for military facilities, airports, utilities, cities, universities, and other applications with complex security needs. With its unique 3D interface, Omnipresence 3D provides a common monitoring and alarm platform for multiple security and safety systems, including CCTV, fire, access control, video surveillance

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