The establishment of Biomomentum Inc. is the result of a major restructuring that took place at BioSyntech Canada Inc. For over a decade, the company designed and continuously elaborated on the Mach-1™ and the Arthro-BST™. Dr. Quenneville and Dr. Garon are former employees previously part of the Instrumentation department where they were involved in all business aspects related to the Mach-1™ and the Arthro-BST™. In 2008, the company decided to forego the development and commercialization of these products, due, in part, to a deviation from its core mission. Following an offer made to BioSyntech to buy these technologies, an agreement was reached in April 2009 and Biomomentum was created as a fully independent company. Biomomentum continues to develop and sell the Mach-1™ and the Arthro-BST™ and has accepted responsibility for all prior purchases of these products.

Under the direction of Chief Executive Officer, Eric Quenneville, and President, Martin Garon, Biomomentum strives to become a world leader in the development and marketing of innovative biomedical testing solutions for biomaterials and articular cartilage. These enterprising individuals have the expertise, passion and commitment required to effectively manage these products and lead Biomomentum towards a promising future!