We have developed a desalination technology that produces unlimited amounts of potable water while providing an energy saving so great that the value of this saving pays for the installations. Therefore, you can give the water for free if you want. Our technology is based on a new freeze desalination technology that produces an ice-water mix capable of transporting the cooling from the ocean to up to 1000 km distance while saving 84% of the energy used for cooling purposes. When the ice is produced it naturally rejects the salt. For example in Hawaii, the value of the energy saving is worth 40 times the value of the water produced. Our technology is the combination of four already existing technologies. We use off the shelf equipments so it is risk free and we know the maintenance costs of all the equipments. We require no chemicals, no energy, no expensive filters like reversed osmosis desalination technology and our technology is very low maintenance. It is patented in many countries plus it is protected by copywrite. As President John F. Kennedy said in 1962 : “If we could produce fresh water from salt water at a low cost, that would indeed be a great service to humanity, and would dwarf any other scientific accomplishment.”