eSight is the perfect investment whereby angels can truly “do well by doing good”: restoring sight. ALIVIOS™ Eyewear enables low-vision patients to see again, to enjoy life by restoring more day-to-day functionality. ALIVIOS™ Eyewear is not a medical device per se; rather, ALIVIOS™ Eyewear is a personalized consumer device conferring quality of life benefits. It is ready for commercial launch in 2012; there are no technology, regulatory, clinical or reimbursement barriers. This is a pure execution play.

ALIVIOS™ Eyewear is unique in that it uses ophthalmic quality video and proprietary algorithms to offset the signal loss typical of low vision patients. It stimulates vestigial photoreceptors in the damaged retina, leveraging the brain’s considerable native processing power to restore more functionality.

Competitive products typically are analog and simply magnify an image, while perversely shrinking the field of view. Most are not portable/wearable (i.e. not “Eyewear”) and therefore cannot be used for the many activities of daily life.

eSight’s intellectual property includes 3 USPTO patent filings. They are being extended to include recent breakthroughs that further differentiate versus off-the-shelf vision aids, and that create barriers to entry.
The addressable market in the US is ~4.2M consumers with moderate low vision or worse (i.e. defined as 20:60), some 275,000 new patients each year, attributable to worldwide diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. eSight’s sales/marketing strategy uses social networking in the tight-knit low vision community to maximize market impact, accelerate cash generation, and minimize sales costs (training, support, salary & commissions, etc.).
eSight is ideal for angel syndication as ALIVIOS™ Eyewear is easy to understand, backed by strong science/technology/IP, and appeals to all who can empathize with the unmet need through personal experience with family and friends.  The exit opportunities should provide solid multiples due to the strategic importance and scalability of consumer healthcare solutions.