MobilMan allows a contractor to leap from using pen and paper, to simple-to-use technology
in a single bound, thus solving many shared and documented industry issues.

As a SaaS, implementation and use are simplicity itself. Maintenance and feature upgrades
are not the concern of the client. The product has low barriers to entry in respect to the price,
speed to implementation, usability / training, the speed to adoption, and complexity of

The success of MobilMan is KISS; take a solution, that addresses entrenched business
procedures and well documented shared customer needs to market, quickly and decisively.
Make the solution robust and not overly feature rich. Charge little, show immediate return to
the client, and grow from there.

The team has build a marketing, customer service, and sales engine that brings a solution
to a market that has been waiting for help. Our success will be based upon a lightening
rollout of MobilMan to the market; establishing the product as a leader in ease of use, and
the company as a leader in sales support, customer service, new product features, and

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