MIVF 2013 – Ventures

  • A full list of the companies that will be present and/or pitching at the Montreal International Venture Forum.

    October 23rd

    IT Ventures Pitching at 11:00AM


    • TickSmith Corp

      TickSmith Corp 

      TickSmith Corp. Financial big data solutions TickSmith offers cloud-based and on-site solutions to exchanges, trading networks and financial institutions that have to accumulate and index huge quantities of financial data. TickSmith has built the first "big data" platform that dramatically lowers the cost of managing financial data. Its powerful indexing and retrieval tools also make data more usable than ever. The firm is already managing 1 Petabyte+ of data. TickSmith is Montreal-based and has a sales office in New York.

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    • Exagens


      Created in 2012, exagens is formed by a team of online and mobile banking pioneers. Exagens management team brings decades of experience in the creation of easy to deploy, innovative solutions. Banking has always been about relationships. This premise is being put to the test by the new digital lifestyles of the 2.2 billion banking customers worldwide. Exagens mission is to help banks and credit unions humanize their digital channels. Exagens solutions recreate the relationship as a digital one, to improve customer experience, sales and loyalty. Exagens Perso

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    • Herd Wisdom

      Herd Wisdom 

      Introducing Herd Feedback…a revolutionary new system of employee engagement, incorporating a weekly cycle of continuous-motivated-feedback. By motivated we mean employees are rewarded by entering a fun-filled world of games, competition, rewards and charitable giving. The result… a closer interaction between HR, management & employees. The key benefit… HR receives the timely actionable information it needs.
      website: http://www.herdwisdom.com twitter: @HerdWisdom

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    • MobilMan


      MobilMan allows a contractor to leap from using pen and paper, to simple-to-use technology in a single bound, thus solving many shared and documented industry issues. As a SaaS, implementation and use are simplicity itself. Maintenance and feature upgrades are not the concern of the client. The product has low barriers to entry in respect to the price, speed to implementation, usability / training, the speed to adoption, and complexity of maintenance. The success of MobilMan is KISS; take a solution, that addresses entrenched business procedure

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    IT and Life Sciences Ventures Pitching at 2:00PM


    • Nexalogy Environics

      Nexalogy Environics 

      Since 2010 Nexalogy has been generating powerful business insights by navigating the torrents of conversations online. We have proprietary semantic clustering algorithms, unique visual outputs and powerful conversation sculpting capabilities in a SaaS platform which allows you to:
      Discover new markets Identify risks Reach out to influencers Track

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    • TagMyDoc


      TagMyDoc is the only service that offers everyone an instant access to the latest version of all documents. TagMyDoc makes your most updated content available anytime, anywhere and in any context. With TagMyDoc’s revolution, no matter where your document is saved, may it be on your computer, in your Dropbox, or simply on paper on your coffee table, it will always offer immediate access to its latest version and all of its functionalities. Using the service, even an outdated document will always offer you an instant & direct link to its latest version. W

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    • Now in Store

      Now in Store 

      Now In Store is a complete business solution for fashion designers. Our platform helps fashion designers manage their day-to-day operations and sell wholesale. We provide designers with tools to create a professional online presence and manage their wholesale business both online and off-line. Some of the tools we offer include an automatic line-sheet generator (integrated with Etsy & Shopify), a CRM and inventory manager and an invoicing solution. We also promote the most promising fashion designers from Now In Store across our network of over 20

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    • Optina Diagnostics

      Optina Diagnostics 

      Optina Diagnostics is a leading provider of molecular ocular super-spectral imaging systems. Our technologies improve patient health through early disease detection and by improved patient treatment monitoring. Optina Diagnostic IRSTM is the first commercially available ocular imaging system [ under investigational use ] to offer comfortable, reproducible and high-contrast, super-spectral imaging. IRIS delivers quantitative measurements capable of identifying multiple metabolic processes and holds great promise for early diagnostics of age-related macu

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    October 24th

    Cleantech and Energy Tech Ventures Pitching at 11:00AM


    • Canetique


      Canetique Electrocatalysis has developed and is commercializing a patent-pending disruptive technology that replaces the currently used cost-prohibitive platinum-based cathode catalysts in PEM fuel cells with low-cost high-performance iron-based catalysts, offering a compelling value proposition that can broaden existing PEM fuel cell markets in numerous sectors.

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    • Airex Energy

      Airex Energy 

      A world leader in the design and manufacture of biocoal production equipment, Airex Energy has operated a pilot plant in Laval, Québec, using the CarbonFX process since March 2011. Along with a number of renowned partners, Airex Energy has contributed to various research and development projects exploring innovative biocoal applications.

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    • Kengtek


      Kengtek was founded in 2006 by chemical engineers Robert and Jocelyn Doucet who saw an opportunity to fill an industry void for a process-oriented consulting firm. The company is present in Canada, Europe and USA. It also benefits from strong relationships with universities, research chairs in energy and biorefining as well as federal research centers on food and agriculture.

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    Cleantech and Energy Tech Ventures Pitching at 2:00PM


    • Eh2Solar


      We have developed a desalination technology that produces unlimited amounts of potable water while providing an energy saving so great that the value of this saving pays for the installations. Therefore, you can give the water for free if you want. Our technology is based on a new freeze desalination technology that produces an ice-water mix capable of transporting the cooling from the ocean to up to 1000 km distance while saving 84% of the energy used for cooling purposes. When the ice is produced it naturally rejects the salt. For example in Hawaii, the value of the energy saving is worth 40

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    • YWire Technologies Inc.

      YWire Technologies Inc. 

      Fresh, innovative thinking has arrived in the building systems industry. Incorporated in 2009, YWire Technologies Inc. has become the first manufacturer to implement Broadband over Powerline (BPL) data networks into building systems. Founded by 3 highly experienced industry professionals, YWire's ability to view the building controls market from unconventional perspectives has ushered in new technologies to a mature community. YWire is also the first to implement IP connectivity at the device level, truly a major milestone in the evolution of intelligent devices connected to the smart grid.

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    • Electrobac


      Électrobac offers a simple and responsible way to dispose of obsolete and non-functional electronics. Just drop your used iteams in on of our recycling bins for electronics to ensure a an ecological treatment.

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    • Diagnos


      DIAGNOS is a publicly traded Canadian corporation (TSX: ADK) that has for mission to make available, to companies of all sizes and markets, the knowledge hidden in their data by offering professional services and simple, user-friendly solutions. DIAGNOS helps you analyze your historical data in order to better predict the future, thus improving your decision making process. CARA is a tele-ophthalmology platform which combines advanced retinal imaging with clinical image interpretation services performed

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    • Phytimpact


      Phytimpact is an e-biotech, a unique concept offering effective and reliable health alternatives for people with type II diabetes. In 2030, four billion people will be diagnosed with diabetes worldwide. Thanks to our business model, which combines a Web marketing strategy (online store) for rapid sales with an R&D strategy that is always on the lookout for innovative technologies and ideas, Phytimpact is constantly adding to its online store, the natural global reference for people with type II diabetes (www.natural-diabetes-store.com). Our diverse ran

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