Dax Dasilva

  • Dax first set foot on this trailblazing path at just 13 years old, when he began apprenticing for an Apple developer. At 15, he created his first custom Mac-based software. Apple was a mere afterthought in the personal computer market, but young Dax saw the potential and continued to develop software. Seeing the rise of iPhone and iPad and recognizing a void in the market for tools that cater to retailers using a Mac-based platform, Dax was ahead of the curve when he first launched LightSpeed seven years ago. The mastermind behind Quebec’s number-one fastest-growing company has deep roots in the Apple world and shares his iGeneration customers’ DNA.

    Since inception, revenues at Montreal-based LightSpeed have grown a breathtaking 1900%, with 400 reseller partners serving nearly 15,000 retailers in more than 30 countries.


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