Frank Erschen

  • Frank Erschen is an active angel investor in Southern Ontario.  He is a charter member of Golden Triangle AngelNet and serves on its Selection Committee for choosing companies that present to GTAN.  He has coached many companies on how to pitch to investors in 12 minutes.   He was named GTAN’s first Angel of the Year in 2011.

    After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University he looked forward to entering the start-up world and finally did after 25 years of corporate life at IBM and BMO Financial Group.  In the last several years his activities ranged from leading a start-up through a $35 million funding stage to coaching dozens of start-ups and leading several angel deals.  In the not-for-profit space, he recently completed six years on the Laurier Board of Governors, is an advisor to Laurier’s Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship, and is president and chair of the Canadian Hemochromatosis Society in Richmond, BC.  Frank chairs the boards of Powernoodle, Katapult and Global Music Depot and is a director of TopHatMonocle. He is also the full-time Chief Strategist at Powernoodle and has the same role on a part-time basis for Katapult and Global Music Depot.  He golfs far less than he’d like to.

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