Samuel M. Shafner

  • Samuel M. Shafner has concentrated his practice exclusively in the area of transactional corporate and securities law for more than twenty years. Mr. Shafner has particular expertise in assisting emerging technology companies, both domestic and international, in their capital formation as well as in basic business contract needs.

    Most of Mr. Shafner’s clients are high-technology businesses and venture capital firms specializing in high technology investments. Consequently, Mr. Shafner frequently negotiates software licenses, distribution arrangements, strategic partnerships and similar IP (intellectual property) sensitive matters. However, he also represents a number of low-tech manufacturers and distributors nationwide.

    A major portion of Mr. Shafner’s practice deals with corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. He frequently counsels domestic and international clients in IPO’s and other public securities offerings, venture capital transactions, private placements, and strategic partnering arrangements. He regularly negotiates and closes acquisitions and sales of businesses, divisions and product lines in major industries, particularly (but not exclusively) high-technology oriented.

    As a result of his knowledge of the investment banking industry, Mr. Shafner often co-counsels with litigators in securities law disputes, particularly broker-investor disputes, and represents underwriting firms in regulatory matters.

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